Markets We Serve

Gradient, PLLC is your trusted partner in stormwater and civil engineering solutions. Serving government agencies at all levels, including municipal, state, and federal, we understand their unique challenges and offer tailored solutions.


Gradient has served all government levels since our inception as a leading stormwater and civil engineering service provider. With extensive experience in local, state, and federal projects, our team understands the unique challenges government agencies face. We are committed to crafting tailored solutions that meet your needs and maximize the return on investment for your infrastructure assets.

Municipal/Local Government

We have worked closely with numerous counties and municipalities across the state, addressing the challenges of aging infrastructure and accommodating rapid growth. Whether retrofitting stormwater systems or improving roadways and parking lots, our experienced team develops sustainable solutions that provide many years of reliable service. We understand the importance of prioritizing projects and securing grant funds, enabling us to assist you in making sound decisions for your community.

State Government

Our work with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has given us valuable experience in providing stormwater design services. From designing control measures and retrofits to developing conveyance systems for large roadway projects, we work to help provide state infrastructure that remains effective, sustainable, and adaptable to evolving needs. With Gradient as your trusted partner, you can count on our expertise to handle complex engineering challenges.

Federal Government

At Gradient, we support the federal government's efforts to maintain military installations. With a focus on repairs, improvements, and flood studies, our team provides reliable site/civil and stormwater engineering services. We understand the federal government's unique constraints, particularly the need to work within limited maintenance funds. Our cost-effective and sustainable solutions promptly address failing infrastructure, providing for the safety and efficiency of military bases.


Private entities value efficiency and timely results. Gradient specializes in navigating the stormwater design and permitting processes, helping you implement your vision sooner. Our team conducts comprehensive analyses, including watershed studies and flood assessments, to develop effective stormwater management plans. Our expertise in designing upgrades to existing systems and modeling complex drainage networks enables private developers to integrate their projects into the surrounding environment seamlessly.