Whether you're planning to develop a small out parcel or a large shopping center, construct a roadway or parking lot, our expert team is here to help you with every step.

Our Approach: "Begin with the End in Mind"

At Gradient, our approach is simple - we begin by understanding your needs and project vision. We believe in creating the best and most sustainable land use, maximizing its potential while minimizing your long-term financial commitment.

Our Expertise in Land Development

We offer comprehensive services in site development for private, commercial, and governmental clients. Our team handles everything from feasibility studies and due diligence to preliminary designs and construction document production. We also provide ongoing construction observations and administration to make your project successful.

Smooth Permitting Process

Navigating through the complexities of land development permits can be challenging. That's why we work closely with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies to assist you with the permit applications required for your project.

Experience You Can Count On

With a wealth of experience serving both private and public sector clients, our team has completed numerous site and civil engineering projects. Our portfolio includes parking lots, roadways, site designs, and airfields.


Master Planning: Optimizing Space for a Paving Company

One of our notable projects involved a large tract of land owned by a paving company. They had an asphalt plant, a storage yard, and a vehicle maintenance shop. With the available space, they wanted to move their offices to the same location.

Our team conducted thorough meetings with key individuals from the company to understand their requirements and desired proximity of the facilities.

We then developed alternative layouts that considered size, traffic flow, and the need for different elements to work together harmoniously. Additionally, we explored the potential for generating revenue by utilizing some of the property for commercial space along a major road.

Gradient, PLLC

After generating multiple concepts, we prepared a simple 3-D drawing to present the options to the company's decision-makers. This drawing has served as the foundation for the site's ongoing development.

Roadway Intersection Improvements:

The intersection of Gruber Road and Zabitosky Road in Fort Liberty experiences heavy traffic flow, especially during peak hours. Without a dedicated left-turn lane from westbound Gruber Road onto Zabitosky Road (which is one-way), traffic would back up considerably, making it difficult for through traffic to move. Similarly, eastbound Gruber Road traffic often got backed up, preventing right-turn traffic onto Zabitosky.

That's where Gradient came in. We provided a custom design solution that transformed this intersection into a more efficient and safe traffic network. Our design involved widening Gruber Road on the south side to accommodate two dedicated left turn lanes and two through lanes for westbound traffic. We also incorporated a "speed ramp" to streamline eastbound Gruber traffic onto Zabitosky.

To alleviate congestion on Zabitosky, we symmetrically widened the road on the north side of the intersection. This provided a dedicated left turn, two dedicated through lanes, and a dedicated right turn lane, allowing for a smoother flow of vehicular traffic.

Gradient, PLLC

Our team seamlessly coordinated the project with other ongoing projects in the area, including improvements to Gruber Road east of this project site and the construction of a pedestrian overpass on Zabitosky.

Site Infrastructure Improvements:

The asphalt in the parking lot at the North PX at Fort Liberty had deteriorated to the point where it was a safety issue. Settlement in certain areas created drainage problems with standing water, and incoming traffic had to immediately turn to the left or right to access one of the one-way aisles leading to the facility, causing traffic circulation issues. The predominant egress lane was lined with parking, which hindered traffic flow and was a safety hazard for cars backing into a major travel lane.

Gradient, PLLC

Gradient created a two-way ingress and egress directly as the main entrance, with no parking along this route. This allowed for safe and convenient access from the main road to the facility. The remainder of the parking lot was milled, regraded where necessary to achieve positive drainage, and repaved. Tree islands were installed per the Installation Design Guide and were constructed so stormwater runoff would flow into the islands to help promote tree growth.